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Citizens Advice Bureau
Annual Report

What happened
The client really needed to have an annual report and accounts designed but had a tiny, tiny budget. They had worked with us in the past and knew we could keep costs to a minimum and still do a good job.

The brief
We needed to showcase their achievements through a high quality designed report whilst spending as little as possible due to no budget.  Part of the solution was to look at cost effective print methods to make the most of the design - which is our forte.

Our solution
We designed the entire report in 1.5 days so as to keep costs down but without compromising on quality.  The report was designed with a 4 colour cover and 2 colour throughout to lower costs but we used good quality paper (recyclable of course) to give the impression of quality. 

Why it worked
Quality...the report looked and felt like quality and the clever use of two colours made it feel like more. The accessible design, strong use of images and clear readability with key facts highlighted made it a compelling report.

Why the client loved it
The client got an annual report which looks far more expensive than it actually was – and they didn’t spend one penny more than their budget.  They didn’t think it was possible – and we must admit, it was a tough one but we love a challenge.

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