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Welcome to Annual Report Design UK, part of Navig8, a graphic design group based in London.

We’re design and print experts and produce beautifully designed annual reports and corporate brochures which are progressive and engage your audience.

Our unique design process delivers solutions to fit any brief and budget. Our print and production expertise means you get more for your money without compromising on quality.

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Design Process

Our design process is unique and extremely efficient. It means that you get up to 4 creative concepts to choose from in double quick time.

So here’s how it goes…

  • You commission us to be creative, so we get so creative
  • All of us – even the ‘non designers’ such as the programmers and marketers are briefed on your job
  • In exactly 60 minutes, we generate ideas – hundreds of them.
  • Every idea… every single idea… a word, a doodle, you name it, is shared
  • We comment, add to, laugh at, gasp at and expand the ideas
  • We select the most stunning ones and assign them to the designers
  • They turn on their MACs and transform them into works of art
  • We present our varied and interesting designs to you - our client
  • You - the client - thinks they’re all great and can’t choose one
  • We help you - the client - choose the best one and everyone is happy
  • In the process, we save you money on print and production techniques and tell you what else you could do to make you - the client - look really great within your organisation.

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