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British Council
Annual Report

What happened
After having designed the previous 2 years annual reports for the British Council and were asked to pitch again. For the third year in a row, we won the pitch which was great, but we'd raised our own stakes in the previous 2 years so the challenge was on!

The brief
The client wanted an annual report that was unlike any other produced. It needed to be vibrant, represent creativity, and show the global aspects of the client's activities

Our solution
We commissioned an upcoming artist who has shown in our gallery – we have an art gallery in front of the design studio. We developed a unique hand drawn typeface that was digitized and used throughout the report. The art weaved in real events that had taken place over the year in each territory.

Why it worked
It succeeded in being like any other annual report produced and because of that, provoked a 'Marmite' reaction – love it or hate it, without any middle ground!

Why the client loved it
here was nothing sedentary about the design and it certainly provoked a reaction. "The annual report arrived today. It looked, smelt and read delicious. Modern, fun, integrity, beautifully produced. I know what a bugger these things are to create and this has to be one of the best in the last decade." Christopher Wade, Director British Council Australia

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