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Citizens Advice Bureau
FAIR Strategy Report

What happened
After producing the Impact and Annual Report we were commission to design an news scheme, again, for a range of publications.

The brief
We had devised a graphic scheme that could be applied to anything from an A5 flyer (and it was) to leaflets and other reports. The FAIR Strategy Report was to be the first. The report was substantially bigger than the Impact Report. This meant the scheme would be pushed to the limits, there was to be little or no additional photographic content.

Our solution
Integrating a large amount of text, clear typography a grid that allowed the content to breath without being ‘extravagant’ and the use of very bold graphic elements made the report engaging, accessible and readable.

Why it worked
The overlapping circles create a scheme that can easily be customised. Publication of different sizes and formats, but deal with the same 'issue' can easily created using different crops of the shapes. When a new 'issue' or range needed to be produced we devised a new colour pallette and shape combination..

Why the client loved it
With all the boxes ticked, we were commissioned to produce the rest of the range of reports. They must have loved it.

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