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Project Scope
Design for print
Illustration of graphical data
Art direction

Data Summary Report

What happened
The National Patient Safety Agency had to produce quarterly Data Summary documents which were traditionally very factual, with lots of data (as their name suggests) and really very bland.

The brief
After the client had seen how we livened up data in annual report designs, we were asked to help to come up with a set of styles to present the data in interesting graphical ways for easy understanding.

Our solution
We spent a long time with our heads in data!  We extrapolated relevant information, highlighting top line facts for ‘at a glance’ with the detail as back up. The set of styles we devised helped make the information look more immediate, assessable and attractive and the templates were used as a guide for up and coming reports throughout the year.
The reports are also available as PDFs and so we used a clear font with one main colour for the publication so it worked on screen as well as in print.

Why the client loved it
The client loved it from start to finish, with designs approved after the first draft and the first data summery document signed off after one set of revisions!

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