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British Council
Annual Report

What happened
This years was not a year to sit on our laurels and the competition to secure the 2009 annual report was very high. We were facing a number of fresh challenges; the annual report was to have an entirely new structure with data woven in to the main content so that the front and back sections work together. Forget what had happened over the last four years – think differently.

The brief
"Help us devise and interrogate a new structure that brings our new strategic goals, our financial results and our grass roots stories together. Oh and award winning annual report" that was the strength of the brief.

Our solution
We introduced a tabbed 'sign post' system throughout the report which linked content together. For instance, you may be reading about Climate Change (one of the British Council's strategic goals) and this was linked to a Case Study in South East Asia (one of the 14 regions). This was sign posted and colour coordinated.

Why it worked
In addition to answering the brief, we took the concept of weaving content through the sections a step further, using cut out windows and half-cut pages to reveal content in the coming pages. Because of our four years of experience, we were able to help the report Project Delivery Manager in sourcing content directly with the regions. We transferred the system into a website as part of the main global website and a PowerPoint presentation.

Why the client loved it
The report is always received with a very critical eye, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, internally, globally and the wider Government all scrutinise the report, not just from a design aspect of course, but as a whole. Bringing together the messages, reporting and the activities of this global organisation into a coherent package. Mark Herbert, head of Communications said he though it was the best yet.

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