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Citizens Advice Bureau
Annual Report and Impact Report

What happened
Navig8 has been working with the Citizens (No apostrophe on purpose) Advice Bureau’s head of Publication for over 12 years in one form or other. A relationship like that brings understanding, friendship and responsibility. Responsibility to deliver excellent work, better than anyone else to avoid any accusation of nepotism.

The brief
We were asked to design a style of report that could easily be repurposed into a suite of reporting documents, starting with the Impact Report. The client wanted to show how policy, devised through customer consultation – made an impact.

Our solution
The Bureau's publications have a strict style guide covering fonts, colour palette and accessibility, we know, we devised it for them. So, within style, we pushed the boundaries in terms of their publication styles. We provided them with a very graphic, powerful cover and associated graphics, moving them away from trying to source a range of photographs that hope to illustrate what they do.

Why it worked
The initial presentation contained a scheme and examples of how we could take that scheme and customise it for subsequent publications. It was bring, powerful and if nothing else illustrated impact!

Why the client loved it
At relatively little cost we had produced a scheme that could accommodate the entire range of publication and formats. We have shown only a fraction of the material on this website.

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